Novitus Type C

Novitus Type C - KRA TIMS Compliant Device. Print Capture from a variety of systems, including, but not limited to ERP and POS systems like Quickbooks… Capturing from both Local Printing and Network / Shared Printers Multi-Document type [...]


Tremol M23

Latest model of desktop cash register with improved design and functionality. Incredibly fast and easy to use based on its intuitive user interface. Features graphic display, keyboard with navigational buttons, multiple interfaces, ability to connect external storage devices [...]


Tremol S25

It is the smallest cash register developed by Tremol. It provides connectivity with tablets, smart phones and mobile computers via WiFi. Suitable for van sales and delivery trade. The advantage of Tremol S25 is power handling by built-in batteries [...]


Tremol G03

The Tremol G03 Control Unit is an invoice validation device that will ensure your financial documents meet the new KRA TIMS electronic invoice regulations. The G03 comes in 2 types: Type B for retail POS application users, and [...]