AI Powered Instant Bookkeeping Journal Entry Creation & Smart Document Management for Bookkeepers & their Clients.

The Only Fully Automated AI Powered Pre-Accounting & Smart Document Management Cloud Solution for Bookkeepers & Accountants.

AI powered & integrated with major accounting software such as QuickBooks Online.

Instant Data Extraction meets Smart Document Management.


DOKKA understands every document, so anything is possible!

The relationship with your clients just become a whole lot more efficient. Watch bookkeeping entries get created from your client’s documentation instantly, and entered in their accounting software.


Less Admin, More Value Add

With DOKKA, every step of working with your clients documentation is made easier!

Accounting Software integration

Data magically turns into bookkeeping entries, and are entered in the Accounting Software

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is built into the foundation of DOKKA, which means it is always improving – automatically!