TIMS Integration for QuickBooks Online – Option 1:
via PDF Capture

Are you a QuickBooks User ?

We have the solution ready for you…. Get compliant with the new KRA requirements.

ITL  via the Tremol G03 Control Unit with our PDF Invoice Capture Application provides you the TIMS Compliance solution for your QuickBooks Online Subscription.

Get Compliant Today with the KRA TIMS requirement.  (TIMS = Tax Invoice Management System)

We have created a solution for all QuickBooks Online users to get compliant with the KRA TIMS Directive.

Interactive Technology Limited provides you with the Tremol G03 Type C Device that complies with the TIMS requirements. We also supply and support the PDF Invoice Capture Application – that will extract data from your QuickBooks Online source documents and forward on to the Type C device. The Tremol G03 device then sends the captured data to the KRA TIMS Servers for validation and return back with the verified return data. Simply print the relevant invoice generated in the FileOut folder and hand it over to your customer. (All in Real Time**).

Deadline is: 31st July 2022

WHY WAIT ?? – Get compliant now and carry on your normal operations of doing your business without the hassles of last minute complications.

** Subject to certain conditions.

Work Flow

PDF Invoice Capture Application Screens