Slide Watuworx Payroll Simplified payroll and human resource functions Watuworx is a modern cloud-based payroll/HR system
for companies. Caters for local tax and legal requirments.

Watuworx Payroll

Watuworx has unified and simplified payroll and human resource functions into one seamless system for Kenyan organisations.


  • Fully scalable, highly customizable, rules based.

  • Multiple countries’ currencies

  • Complex payroll structures, any type of reporting, split costing structures.

  • Automated payment processing to employees.

  • Full HR suite with approvals, records and reporting.

  • Employee self-service for leave application.

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Some of the Payroll & Human Resource Feature!

Features of the PRO Version

  • Unlimited employees

  • Multi user

  • Payroll reports i.e. payslips, payroll summary etc

  • Statutory reports i.e. NSSF, NHIF, iTax CSV, P9 etc

  • Loan tracking

  • Automatic backup

  • Customise payslips

  • Email reports

  • Extra reports

  • Data import

  • Multi-currency

  • Priority support included

Watuworx payroll can do the following
1. Generate monthly reports.
2. Generate year end KRA reports.
3. Generate branded payslips.
4. Define and assign loans to employee deductions.
5. Apply tax relief on pensions and mortgage.
6. Calculate statutory deductions. i.e PAYE, NSSF ,NHIF.
7. Apply PAYE on benefits where applicable.