QuickBooks Add-Ons

Versions available:

  1. iTax VAT Withholding QuickBooks Data Import Utility
  2. iTax VAT QuickBooks Data Import Utility Standard
  3. iTax VAT QuickBooks Data Import Utility Enterprise

The QuickBooks iTax Utility is an application for importing required data from Quickbooks into the KRA iTax monthly VAT Excel Files for upload to the iTax online system.

Automate the process of transferring data from your QuickBooks data file to the KRA VAT application csv file. Our QuickBooks iTax Utility eliminates the errors or mistakes that occur while manually populating the KRA worksheets in the required MS Excel csv format for monthly VAT submissions. This is handled by our application and gives you the peace of mind and error free data transfer.

The data within your QuickBooks database has to be input accurately in order to have the correct information transfer into the iTax csv worksheet. Saves you time and saves you from additional workload to be done at the end of the month to get the correct figures into the KRA iTax online system for your monthly VAT returns.

Eliminates the cumbersome and time consuming (and error prone) method of exporting reports from QuickBooks into MS Excel and then converting it into the required files and finally copying the data and pasting the same into the KRA iTax csv file.

The QuickBooks iTax Utility will assist you in the process of importing data from QuickBooks as well as save you precious time by doing almost the entire task for you. It minimizes errors caused by copy / paste and import / export of data between applications. It also minimizes or eliminates the issue of data manipulation by staff.

The utility is a licensed software application and copyright of Interactive Technology Limited and it’s partners and developers.


  1. For as little as Kshs 9,000.00 + VAT you can purchase the iTax VAT Withholding Add on application.
  2. iTax VAT Utility Standard for Kshs 12,000.00 + VAT (Special introductory Offer) you can save hours of manual data transfers between QuickBooks and KRA iTax system.
  3. iTax VAT Utility Enterprise – Get both the utility functionalities in one – iTax VAT Withholding + iTax VAT Utility Standard – Bundled as iTax VAT Utility Enterprise for the low price of Kshs 15,000.00 + VAT

SAVE – time
AUTOMATE – transfer data at the touch of a button
SIMPLE – effortless data import

Features & Restrictions:


  • Automated Data Transfer
  • Minimum user involvement
  • Security features built-in
  • Single Click Activation (Auto install & Activate)
  • Easy Administration
  • No data in QuickBooks is altered – only a one way transmission of data from QuickBooks to the iTAX VAT Utility.
  • KRA iTAX System Compatible


The following restrictions apply to the QuickBooks add-on application:

  • Single company file use
  • Single user mode only available
  • Application has to be installed on the same PC running the QuickBooks software
  • Works with QuickBooks 2010 and higher only

Core requirements: (Minimum)

Windows 7 SP1 or Widows 8.1 update 1 (32-bit and 64-bit) or Windows 10

iCore 3 or 5 with minimum 2.4GHz processor


2.5GB disk space

1024×768 screen resolution — extended monitor is supported

High Speed USB Port, if installing from USB Flash Drive

Online features require internet access

Product must be registered online

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