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Every modern company depends on Data and Operational uptime for their survival.
There are NO exceptions.

Business Backups

Protect your Business Data with NetBackups Business

Unlimited PC, Network Drives, Mobile devices. Additional protection for servers with Bare Metal imaging and Shadow Protect services.

Data protection, archiving and recovery for servers and applications.

Flexible Backup for your Diverse Environment

Personal Backups

Backup all your personal information and treasured memories with NetBackups.

Pay-per use service allows you to subscribe to only  the space you require and not get charged for any unused space.

Backup all important documents, photos, videos, apps – anything you need to store secure. Unlimited PCs and mobile devices.


Infrascale Disaster Recovery backs up physical servers and virtual machines to a local appliance before it is replicated to the cloud.  The cloud could be a private cloud, Infrascale’s cloud or a popular third party cloud, such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or IBM Bluemix.


Near-Zero Downtime with our CloudBoot technology built into the NetBackups cloud service. 90 percent Disaster Recovery Savings � Lower TCO than competitors, and then handing to the mate the long iron rod remaining…. Finally, simple and affordable Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for every company.