ITL offers the below Products & Services


 Acquire as much of the market share for both hardware and software products

  • Hardware Concentration: Single Family PC’s, Networking Solutions, Large Corporate Installations, VR.
  • Software Concentration: Small – Medium – Large Business Accounting, Networking Solutions, Educational Software, Backup Solutions

Customer Service & Technical Support Division

At present, Interactive Technology Limited is a full fledged IT company with a wide range of products/services under its umbrella to serve its customers.

Customer Service division: Customer help via phone and email for immediate solutions, Specialized personnel for OnSite Support and assistance [for both the hardware as well as software support], Product run throughs and Training (Basic and In-depth).

Technical Support division: Software and Hardware maintenance. A software technician provides help to customer service as well as familiarize new clients with the software i.e. hands-on initial usage training. In addition, Interactive Technology Limited employs software consultants to handle all software Installations, Training, Product Trouble-shooting / Query Resolution.

  • Professional Support Staff
  • Certified and Qualified Staff
  • Remote Assistance
  • Phone, Email and Online Support

Some of Our Clients

Interactive Technology Limited offers a range of services in the IT sector. 
Professional, Specialised, Latest Technology …

1. Sales & Planning

Sales and Planning information at your finger tips. Get the information you need to make informed decisions about your business.

2. IT Hardware

We distribute some of the most well known brands in the world… Dell, HP, Dlink, APC, Siemon, Giganet ….

3. Software & Applications

We partner with and fully support some of the biggest names in the industry… AVG, Quickbooks, Sage, Infrascale, NetBackups, CloudActive…

4. Customer Support

Strong Customer Support – Available during Office Hours 08:00am to 05:00pm (Weekdays)- On Site, In House, Email, Online…

5. Technical Services

Professional Technical Support by trained staff. Installations, Training, Trouble Shooting, Planning…

6. Specialised Support

Trained & Certified Professionals available for Specialised Support. Sage ERP, QuickBooks, Cloud Active, NetBackups, AVG….

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